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Maximise Your Profits and Reduce Costs

Those three magic words are what every business likes to hear and makes their eyes light up like little kids in a toy store. Reduce overhead costs – the phrase almost has a musical ring to it. Not only is this possible when you join Bartercard and our marketplace of businesses, but you can also expand your current profit margins. Sound too good to be true? Let us explain how it works.


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A universal market of buyers and sellers

When companies utilise B2B networking, they are establishing mutually beneficial relationships with fellow businesses and traders. This can often prove more cooperative than dealing with general consumers, because businesses know what they want and are more active about seeking it from other organisations. The simplicity and flexibility of B2B means that you can reduce operational costs such as employing additional sales members, paying for advertising etc, but effectively add to your existing revenue by accessing an entirely new market.


How does Bartercard lower overhead costs?

Businesses have been conducting one on one bartering and trading deals amongst themselves for a long time now, so how is our service any different you ask? The simple answer is that we offer the flexibility for companies to buy now without having to sell during the same deal, and vice versa, meaning a reduction in operational expenses.

For example, say your brand is engaged in negotiations with a company for a service you are selling, but they don’t have any services you want in exchange. Instead of arriving at a stale mate with additional overhead expenses, or a win-lose scenario, we give our members the opportunity to accumulate trade dollars on our secure online trading hub. These dollars can then be spent with on a completely different business to which you sold to, acquiring the specific product or service that you require. Our trade dollars allow businesses to free up their cash flow and reduce operational costs using an effective substitute to money.

Win-win scenarios that cost less

Our members are able to negotiate trades that best suit everybody, allowing them to liquidate inventory or utilise spare capacity. This method of B2B networking reduces operational costs and ensures that your assets or excess inventory is turning a profit instead of costing your company overhead expenditures to run/keep.


Reduces costs – enhance profits

Utilise our B2B platform and profit from our lead generation benefits without the excessive operational costs of advertising and sales teams. Take a look at our reviews within Australia to see how other companies have benefited from our service.