Increase Lead Generation

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B2B Lead Generation Offers an Inexpensive Promotion Solution

Companies who partner themselves with Bartercard open themselves up to a new world of potential clients and the ability to add to their profits. Business to business lead generation is made easy and cost effective when you take advantage of our online marketplace and its full suite of powerful networking capabilities.

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Proactive lead generation

When a business typically attempts to elicit interest in their brand from consumers, they are required to spend a lot of their revenue on advertising, promotional material, expanding their sales department and burn up a lot of their man hours. This isn’t always feasible with other overhead costs and excess inventory limiting the amount of disposable revenue.

We offer companies the chance to expand their operations to new heights and get proactive with their approach. Our online portal allows companies to promote their services to thousands of local and international brands in the commercial sector – all of which may be a potential customer. This form of generating leads through B2B provides a win-win solution, whereby you can gain access to a rewarding collection of new clientele, and do so with minimal costs to your company.

Business to business relationships benefit everybody

Everything you accumulate through our B2B lead generation services is an added bonus to your profit margin. This excess revenue frees up your cash flow to spend on other company costs and operational expenses.

Don’t resort to desperate measures and place extreme discounts on your services purely to clear our surplus stock and liquidate unwanted assets. Doing so will only devalue your brand and cost you more money. Promoting inventory which you need to liquidate can be made quick and easy and will actually make you a profit by serving as currency for another service that you require.


Positive word of mouth spreads fast

It is estimated that on average, our members receive a 10% customer increase through our business to business lead generation services. This per cent is expected to increase through positive word of mouth referrals from these businesses. If you provide an excellent service that gives value to your customers, you have an excellent opportunity to massively expand your customer awareness with very little cost to you. We have access to thousands of companies and markets which you may not have previously had access to until now.

Read our reviews to see how our B2B services have benefited many other businesses from a variety of different industries.