Improve Cash Flow

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Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

Running a company entails many operational costs and reoccurring bills that your revenue can’t always keep up with. This is a dangerous point for any organisation to get to, as it means you are more likely to slip beneath the red line and fall into debt. Bartercard offers a service which provides you with ways to improve cash flow and the overall productivity of your business to ensure this doesn’t happen.

For small businesses especially, our specialised B2B trading platform allows start-up companies to get their foot in the door and improve business cash flow. We understand the difficulties with starting a new business and attempting to get your product or service onto the market with limited capital to begin with.

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How to improve revenue flow with minimal risk

We’ve all had the fantasy of how much easier life would be if we could trade our hard won Monopoly earnings in for tangible cash. Whilst not quite as simple as passing Go to collect $200, our business to business trading is conducted using trade dollars, which serve as a universal online currency to be spent and earned amongst other companies.

So if you’re wondering how to improve cash flow in your small business, our online community of buyers and sellers provides a secure and flexible way. We open up your business to a whole new market, adding an extra layer of profit to your existing revenue which you can then spend on other important costs.

We give you the tools to improve your small business

You might be asking how our trade dollars will provide a benefit for your start up business, especially if you have yet to sell your product or service to other companies to begin earning enough to spend. This is where we differ from traditional B2B trading, as we offer our valued members a line of interest free credit, to serve as capital for your company to promote yourself on our market.

We aim to improve small business cash flow for our members so they can find their feet and begin generating leads to eventually establish a network of mutually beneficial relationships. These valuable connections will quickly begin to sustain themselves and allow you to reduce overhead costs and liquidate slow moving or unwanted inventory.


Contact us to find out more

If you’d like to learn more about how our service can enhance your profits, contact us today on 1300 227 837. Our team of friendly customer representatives will be happy to assist by answering any queries or providing additional information. Alternatively, take a look at our Bartercard reviews to see how we have helped a number of other companies across a broad range of industries.