What is Bartercard

Better Business Results

Bartercard is a barter-trading system where you can barter your goods and services within the Bartercard cashless business network.


With 55,000 cardholders worldwide that use  Bartercard, we can connect you with new customers and show you how to capitalise on the unrealised potential in your business.

If you are in a position to take on extra business, then Bartercard can introduce you to new business immediately. We provide you with an innovative way of combining modern technology to help increase your sales and conserve cash through a community of like-minded businesses by barter-trading instead of paying cash.


This is how Bartercard can work for you:

  • increase your business networks
  • decrease your excess stock and downtime
  • increase business buying and selling opportunities
  • create value and opportunity through unrealised potential of your business
  • introduce you to a new marketplace to do business
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How does Bartercard work?
Bartercard brings you new customers that you wouldn't normally have and allows you to make purchases without using cash.
Why do businesses use Bartercard?
Most businesses do not operate at 100% capacity all of the time or may have excess stock. By accepting new clients through Bartercard and trade dollars as payment, you will increase your capacity, move stock and have additional income that can be used (just like cash) to pay for business expenses, staff incentives, additional product lines or positively improve your lifestyle.
Why would I accept trade dollars over cash?
You do not actually accept trade dollars over cash, you accept trade dollars on top of your normal cash sales with new business that Bartercard brings you. You then offset some of your expenses using your trade dollars, leaving more cash in your business.
How many businesses can I barter-trade with?
24,000 businesses worldwide accept trade dollars, most of these are within Australia. For instance in Australia Bartercard currently has 500 advertising/media companies,188 bookkeepers, 294 printers, 1,570 restaurants and cafes, 184 conference & function venues, 101 cleaning equipment & products, 242 Computer repairs & Maintenance, 264 Website designers and 216 graphic designers!
Will I Be Locked Into A Long Contract?
No. There is no minimum term but due to the positive impact Bartercard has on businesses, on average our members work with us for over ten years.
What does it cost to join?
We have three business packages, starting from $99 per month. We take all the risk out so you can get the best out of Bartercard and the best out of your business.
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