Bartercard Review From Ipswich Signarama


Conserving cash on Bartercard: from invested properties to staff rewards

Hein Van Rensburg from Ipswich Signarama and Pacific LED and Lighting has used Bartercard to innovatively supplement his business, diversify his income and reward his staff to make a big impact without the costly price tag. 
He’s been running Signarama Ipswich, a local company specialising in signage and branding, since 2008, and joined Bartercard in 2012 - initially to attract new customers and move excess stock. 
He’s since used Bartercard to purchase an investment property and a lighting business to complement his income stream and diversify his clientele whilst conserving cash every time he spends. 
He said Bartercard has been a smart solution for his business which he still uses for the same reasons as when he first joined.
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SIGNARAMA is a collection of hundreds of full-service sign stores worldwide.
All Signarama stores offer an array of signage and sign-making services with local flavor. Each SIGNARAMA store is independently owned and operated but is part of a global company that boasts of world-class craftsmanship and customer service.
SIGNARAMA IPSWICH not only produces basic signage but a whole range of print, Engrave/Lazercut & Promotional products.

We offer print products such as Business Cards, Flyers, Postcards, Brochures, Magnetics, Posters & More.
We are able to Lazercut & Engrave Acrylic to the maximum thickness of 10mm.
Promotional Products are also sold at SIGNARAMA Ipswich, offering you the luxury of purchasing all your branding products in one place.
These include, Flags, Custom branded Calculators, USB's, Pens, Keyrings, Tshirts, Water Bottles & much more
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“Bartercard has helped me turn slow-moving stock into sales and source extra customers, converting to referrals in the cash market,” Hein said.


“A couple of years ago I bought out a lighting and LED company using Bartercard without spending cash which not only created an extra source of income but a competitive edge by being able to offer a greater range of products to my clientele.”

Hein Van Rensburg, Ipswich Signarama

Rewarding staff and conserving cash with Bartercard

In return Hein said that he has been able to reward his staff with accommodation in Fiji and Thailand -paid for on Bartercard as one of the many lifestyle options available through the trade exchange.    
“It’s certainly not something that many employers offer and staff absolutely love it,” he said. 
“Bartercard has been a real asset for my business, providing me with investment opportunities and an introduction to a network of clients I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”   
He added that Bartercard has been helpful in conserving cash on every day business expenses and incidental costs. 



“Essentially Bartercard takes cash out of the equation every time you spend on something you need.
“Some other examples of Bartercard purchases have included bookkeeping, a company van, mechanical servicing, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, stationary and dining out at restaurants.  
“There’s always a balance of using Bartercard for business needs and lifestyle expenses but throughout my business track record it has always supported and supplemented my needs to create extra revenue and conserve cash.
“On average Bartercard accounts for approximately 10% of my business, however there are so many ways you can use it including growing personal wealth through property investment.
“I recommend it to anyone looking to be smarter in business.’



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