Bartercard Review - Margaret River Grasstrees 

Margaret River Grasstrees 

Mike Johnson from Margaret River Grass Trees has used Bartercard to conserve over $100,000 cash in just 12 months, using the trade dollars he earns from tree sales to offset business costs ranging from crane-lifting to purchasing a truck.

Like any business, his has expenses that stack up.
“I offer a specialty service that includes excavating, planting and nurturing the grass tress to ensure they survive, which all adds up.  Bartercard lets me earn trade dollars which I can spend to then offset thousands of dollars in business expenses.”

Mike Johnson, Margaret River Grasstrees

Mike is always looking for new trading opportunities because of the value it adds to his business.
“Bartercard is extra business you wouldn’t have, on top of cash sales.  I find a lot of gardening and specialty equipment on Bartercard – all it takes is a few phone calls. There’s a member who has flatbed trucks just waiting to be used. So whenever the owner has spare capacity, he transports trees and I pay him in trade dollars.”

Many of Mike’s clients are wineries that buy grasstrees from him to enhance their estates.
“I’ve supplied grass trees to two or three wineries, totalling approximately $20,000,” he said. These wineries pay me in trade dollars, which they earn from wine sales on Bartercard, leaving cash in their pocket. 

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