Bartercard Review - Heidi Yi Cosmetics 

Heidi Yi Cosmetics 

Heidi Yi is an online-based cosmetics entrepreneur who recently reached her 580th transaction on Bartercard’s online trading platform MYBC and has coincidentally broken $600,000 in sales and spending on Bartercard combined.
She joined Bartercard shortly after she started her cosmetics business.

“Bartercard really kick-started my sales. I attend nine Bartercard trade shows around Australia each year which gives me the opportunity to meet people face-to-face. I move a lot of volume at these events – at one Melbourne Trade Show I sold $6,500 of cosmetics in just three hours!

Heidi Yi – Heidi Yi Cosmetics 

She doesn’t just attend Bartercard trade shows to get her brand exposure in the marketplace.  

“When you have an online business, getting out and meeting people is really important.  I attend a lot of networking events both in and out of Bartercard including wedding expos and luncheons, which have really helped build my business up.”

She also uses Bartercard’s online trading platform MYBC to move product quickly. 

“Fifty per cent of my Bartercard customers are men who buy cosmetics for their family and or workplace through MYBC. I also find many customers order $100-$200 worth of cosmetics at a time to use as gifts as a value-add for their customers. Bartercard gave me a platform to grow my business when I first launched in the market - I joined eight years ago and 30 percent of my customers today are Bartercard members.”

Her top trading tips for online sales are fast response, fast shipping and variety. 

I have a lot of repeat business on MYBC because of our fast response and fast shipping policy. I always dispatch within 24 hours of payment.  Variety is key and will boost sales - I always have at least five listings on MYBC at any point in time which lets me see what’s selling fastest.
To spend the trade dollars she earns, she recently invested in real estate. 
“I used Bartercard to purchase an investment property, using 20 per cent in trade dollars. This is effectively cash converting because I will eventually convert that 20 per cent into cash when I sell it in the cash market – it’s a win-win!”
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