Bartercard Review - Randal Wilson Project Marketing

Alternative currency is queen of fast property sales

Showing that cash isn’t the only way to secure your next investment, realtor Randal Wilson has sold 40 properties on Bartercard for a collective $16 million in just under five months.  All 40 sold in Queensland and contained a minimum 20% Bartercard trade dollar component in the selling price. 

“The advantage of factoring Bartercard into the asking price is that properties typically sell faster because investors can use trade dollars instead of cash for their required 20 per cent deposit so they are more capable and confident to proceed.  It’s an effective strategy to make the listing-to-sale process more efficient.”

Randal Wilson, Randal Wilson Project Marketing

Conserving $200,000 in cash costs each month 

Randal and his business partners renovated and sold each property on Bartercard, spending the trade dollars they earned from each sale on building and development expenses. This approach let them offset up to $200,000 of cash costs each month. 

“I see Bartercard as extra business - we know Bartercard clients are motivated decision makers who are happy to spend their trade dollars to offset cash expenses in their business.  The buyers I’ve met are seasoned business owners and experienced investors who made decisions quickly to achieve the fast turnaround.  It’s a very positive circle of business, and it’s highly likely they’ll invest further with our group as opportunities arise.”

Randal Wilson, Randal Wilson Project Marketing
Bartercard’s property site has just under $120 million in listings and almost 200 properties plus a database of qualified, ready-to-buy purchasers. Visit bartercardproperty.com.au  
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