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Colin Hatcher from Speedie Shoe repairs joined Bartercard six months ago and said the cashless marketplace is an excellent tool for small business owners in service-orientated industries, because it lets them continue providing their services in their down-time, and stay competitive against bigger brands who are using e-commerce to push prices down.

Specialising in quality Shoe and Bag Repairs, House and Car Key-Cutting, Engraving, Pet Tags and Giftware, Watch Batteries, Bands and Repairs, Garage and Car Remotes, Knife Sharpening, Rubber Stamps

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“While you’re quiet in the cash world (Bartercard means) you’re still providing services where the only cost is your overheads, and earning a digital currency that you can spend on business expenses, all tax deductible, or cover a host of lifestyle costs instead of reaching into your pocket.”​ 

Colin Hatcher, Speedie Shoe Repairs


He’s done $20,000 in buying and selling on Bartercard so far, and has used the card to cover the cost of renovations, marketing services, a business coach, the kids’ haircuts, getting his lawn mowed fortnightly, pest control, a gym membership and a personal trainer for his wife, and taking his family on holidays.
“I’ve had two bathrooms fitted out on Bartercard and its paid for a chiropractor that would have cost me thousands of dollars in cash and accommodation in Yamba which let me keep $1700 in my pocket.”

I joined Bartercard because I would rather still be earning in my downtime, and its paid for a range of business and lifestyle costs to conserve my cash flow.”

Colin has also used online trading to take a local market on the Gold Coast and reach a bigger base of customers. 



While shoe repairs and key cutting is the bread and butter of his business, the small business owner has made $5,000 in the last six months solely from selling products on Bartercard’s online trading platform mybc.
He’s sold remotes and engraved pet tags which has attracted a new market of customers.
“That’s is the beauty of e-commerce,” he said. 

“Business owners in service orientated industries who are typically restricted to a local market can find new ways of reaching a bigger pool of customers.   
“I’ve sold stock that I can post out, and mybc reaches consumers transacting in a digital currency that they want to spend instead of cash.” 

His advice is to think outside the box.

“If you’re a mechanic, why not sell parts online, or if you’re a masseuse, is there anything you can be posting out to customers?”  




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