Marketing 4 Restaurants


A winning culinary combination

When it comes to decadent cuisine and brilliant restaurant marketing, restaurateurs can have their cake and eat it too.  More and more are attracting customers in crowds with Marketing 4 Restaurants and conserving cash with Bartercard to boost profits – making it a winning culinary combination.

Marketing4Restaurants helps Restaurants find new customers and return them into repeat customers. Our team is passionate about helping Restaurant owners run Small Business that are profitable and fun. Too many Restaurant owners work too many hours for too little pay. There are many big companies that prey on the Restaurant industry and we provide the tools to help Restaurant owners compete on a level playing field.

“I also use Bartercard in my business to save up to $50,000 each year.  I offset the cost of accommodation whenever I or someone from my team travels, cover the cost of corporate massages, treat my staff to gourmet lunches, Ferrari drive days and helicopter rides, and I have gained entry into international markets by using Bartercard to build a customer base.” 

James Eling - Founder and CEO Marketing 4 Restaurants


Marketing 4 Restaurants specialises in restaurant websites, customised marketing campaigns and supplies the industry with a free online ordering and booking system to attract food lovers and turn them into repeat customers. 

“We work with our customers to reduce costs and get more people through their door.  Crowds confirm quality and more customers flock to busy venues.” 



Restaurant owners are using the platform in combination with Bartercard to increase their cash flow and further boost their market. 

Bartercard works with more than 2,100 members in the hospitality industry including restaurants, clubs, hotels and hospitality suppliers to conserve cash on business expenses.

Typical expenses covered with Bartercard in the culinary sector include industrial fridges and ovens, interior fit-outs, furnishings, renovations and wine to on-sell in the cash market. 



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