Bartercard Review: IP Wealth


Introduce Bartercard to reduce your cash expenses

Did you know that 80% of Australians don’t know what a trademark is?  According to Bartercard member Paul Holzberger from IP Wealth, you can spend years building a business but if you don’t have the trademark, another company can register one in your name and stop you from trading with it.  IP Wealth, who specialises in trademarking brands and all the hard work poured into them, introduced Bartercard to reduce their expenses and gain referral business. 
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IP Wealth® is a contemporary and innovative intellectual property services provider specialising in the areas of trade marks, designs, IP Audits and Diagnostics and IP Education. IP Wealth Pty Ltd was founded in January of 2004 with the mission of providing effective and affordable IP solutions to businesses and companies.
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“We joined Bartercard to conserve cash but also to connect with other business owners.  It’s been fantastic and we’ve received plenty of referrals this way.  Over the years we’ve seen more business owners from different industries come to us for their intellectual property needs, which has increased our spending on Bartercard to reduce cash expenses.” 
Paul Holzberger – IP Wealth

With many companies registering trademarks on the sideline, mostly general practice law firms, Gold Coast-based IP Wealth is solely focused on intellectual property.

While these companies might do up to 30 trademarks in a year we can do up to 30 in a day.  Trademarking is like having an insurance policy.



IP Wealth started in 2004 and joined Bartercard shortly after. 
“By using Bartercard to pay for stationary, Christmas parties, pampering team at day spas, team lunches, office equipment including phones, computers and printers, office renovations, interior decorating, electricians, cleaners, photography and videography. 

“If there’s anything we need for our business we always check to see if we can get it on Bartercard first.  We’ve also met people through Bartercard who refer us to new cash paying clients which has built our brand and reputation in the market.  Bartercard members genuinely work together to help each other grow.”   



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