Professional Services Bartercard Reviews

Your business sells professional services and you'd like to know how Bartercard will work for you

For over 26 years, Bartercard has been partnering with professional service businesses helping them fill their unproductive downtime with loyal clients, and giving them a new marketplace to promote their services.  They've then been conserving cash by paying for printing, advertising, office equipment and other regular expenses using the trade dollars earned.


Reviews from Bartercard members...

Toyne 2-01

“Bartercard saves me around $100,000 on business costs each year which frees up cash flow and lets me keep more profits in the bank.  We use trade dollars instead of cash to cover the cost of essential services such as outsourcing auditors to clients’ self-managed super funds, which we offer to both Bartercard and cash paying clients.”

Craig Toyne – CEO Toyne Business Consultants

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IP Wealth 2-01

“We joined Bartercard to conserve cash but also to connect with other business owners.  It’s been fantastic and we’ve received plenty of referrals this way.  Over the years we’ve seen more business owners from different industries come to us for their intellectual property needs, which has increased our spending on Bartercard to reduce cash expenses.”

Paul Holzberger - IP Wealth


“We use Bartercard to offset the cost of accommodation whenever we travel, cover the cost of corporate massages, treat our staff to gourmet lunches, Ferrari drive days and helicopter rides, and we’ve gained entry into international markets by using Bartercard to build a customer base.” 

James Eling - Founder and CEO Marketing 4 Restaurants

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mel circle-01-250

“While you’re quiet in the cash world (Bartercard means) you’re still providing services where the only cost is your overheads, and earning a digital currency that you can spend on business expenses, all tax deductible, or cover a host of lifestyle costs instead of reaching into your pocket.”​ 

Colin Hatcher - Speedie Shoe Repairs

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So if you’re looking to improve your cashflow and profits by…
  • filling downtime and unproductive hours with clients at full value
  • saving cash on regular business expenses
  • saving cash on promotions and advertising expenses
…and if you’d like…
  • to gain extra local and national promotion
  • access a business membership database
  • increased clients through word of mouth referrals

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