Bartercard Review - Margaret River Natural Spring Water

Bottling straight from the source, Margaret River Natural Spring Water has gone from a small, local operation to taking its brand to the Cook Islands through Bartercard

Serge Conti started the brand from scratch over 20 years ago and used Bartercard to open up new markets and converse almost half a million dollars in cash. 
Today he sells to businesses Australia-wide and in the Cook Islands. 

“We launched the brand locally and built up shelf-space in the region, but we wanted to expand.    Bartercard was a launching pad which helped me build up my customer base outside the local market.” 

Serge Conti, Margaret River Natural Spring Water

Serge joined Bartercard 11 years ago to break out of south west WA and tackle the metropolitan market.  Restaurants and accommodation on Bartercard in Perth quickly stocked up on his water using their trade dollars instead of cash. 

“Bartercard built-up brand exposure in Perth to get the ball rolling interstate. It’s a very competitive market where brands like Mt Franklin and Cool Ridge have a strong grip.  I used Bartercard to circumvent the competition by accepting a currency alternative that I’ve used to offset almost half a million dollars of expenses in my business"

Serge Conti, Margaret River Natural Spring Water

Breaking into international markets with Bartercard

Serge continues to use Bartercard to uncover new markets, most recently the Cook Islands.

He recently started shipping water to the Rarotongan Beach Resort and Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa in the Cook Islands, after Bartercard’s tourism department contacted him. 
“We’ve shipped off 15,000 bottles to the Cook Islands already and will continue to supply to these island resorts. There are almost 1,000 resorts and hotels on Bartercard world-wide so there are many opportunities to grow in new areas.” 

Boosting cash flow

Serge uses Bartercard to offset cash costs in his business, using his Bartercard trade dollars to pay for his water filtering system, label design and printing, marketing, mechanical work and accommodation, when business trips inevitably come up, to Bartercard.
“I’ve conserved $40,000 in the last three years just by getting labels printed with a Bartercard supplier.  Bartercard is a marketplace of 24,000 members world-wide who are looking to offset cash costs, so they will want to use your services over cash suppliers.  This is where you can break into new markets despite the competition.”  

Serge Conti, Margaret River Natural Spring Water
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