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You run a hospitality or tourism business and want to know how Bartercard can work for you

For over 26 years savvy hospitality and tourism businesses have been turning to Bartercard for help to fill their empty seats, vacant rooms and unsold tickets. Although heavy discounting is commonplace in the industry, these businesses have found that partnering with Bartercard is a much wiser decision. They've protected their brand value by maintaining their price, preferring to access Bartercard's community of 20,000 members to fill their vacancies at full price. The additional income from Bartercard sales are paid using trade dollars. Trade dollars are a valuable currency as they are then used to offset cash expenses such as product, advertising and promotions.

Bartercard members review Bartercard...


“On average our sales have jumped by approximately $40,000 per year with Bartercard, as it attracts customers you wouldn’t have without the card.”

Ryan Kirkham, Bakers Delight franchisee and owner of Making Dough

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“I found Bartercard is a great way to stay competitive.  It’s not only helped me save cash, but Bartercard members are actively looking to spend their trade dollars, so they will come to you instead of the competitor down the road.”

Greg Ward, Econo Lodge Park Lane

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“Bartercard does what it promises and will attract additional customers.  The key to success is management and a willingness to adapt your usual spending habits to a different system. There’s a lot of potential to connect with like-minded people who are all members of a community interested in doing business.”

Kate Biglands – Maries Pizza 

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“Bartercard has improved our cash flow by $200,000 in the past 18 months.  Consequently we’ve spent $180,000 of a $1.5 million property upgrade on trade, without spending any cash.”

Jye Segboer - The Mantra Pavilion

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“One of the biggest challenges of establishing a business is having enough equity.  Bartercard helped me get my dream up and running with a $25,000 interest-free line of credit.” 

Dinesh Nair - The Black Sheep Espresso Baa  

So if you’d like to…
  • save cash on your food or beverage expenses
  • save cash on your housekeeping and maintenance expenses
  • save cash on your sales and marketing expenses

…or if you’d like to…

  • increase your occupancy rates without discounting
  • increase your dining patronage without discounting
  • increase your gate traffic or ticket sales without discounting

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