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You're a health, beauty or wellness business and would like to know how Bartercard will work for you

To grow your business, you're looking for an edge that'll expose yourself to new markets and fill your unproductive downtime.  You don't want to go down the path of heavy discounting because you know it attracts one time only clients, not the long term loyal clientele you really want to attract.

For over 26 years, health, wellness and beauty businesses have turned to Bartercard for help to give them the edge over their competition.  They're not happy accepting the quiet downtime, or using heavy discounting which devalues their brand.  Instead they're using the network of 54,000 cardholders in Bartercard to convert their unfilled appointments and excess or idle stock into trade dollars.  They then use the dollars to reduce their cash expenses.


Reviews: Bartercard members in this industry share their Bartercard successes...

peaches and cream-01

“Most business owners will know how expensive it is relocate, but Bartercard saved me $40,000 on dismantling my old salon and establishing a new premises in Hastings.  I used Bartercard to offset the cash cost of the architectural plans, installing the new framework and fit out, painting, flooring, new signage, advertising, electrical work and plumbing, paying for these with trade dollars instead of cash.”

Suzanne Johnson – Owner of Peaches & Cream Beauty Salon 

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Theory for hair-01

"We joined Bartercard to improve our business and to network with other people in the industry and with fellow business owners. By using Bartercard we can now afford to indulge our loyal clients, to thank them for their continued custom. We see a great future with Bartercard particularly in purchasing property and building our brand.

Bartercard sends us a lot of new clients and that has to be good for business."

Carmel Lee - Theory for Hair


Simone Sleep-01

"I have been able to purchase a lot using trade dollars to build up the clinic and make it look professional. Bartercard's interest free line of credit was a great stepping stone for my business and the referrals I receive through Bartercard are great.

I have spent on signage, business cards, uniforms, equipment for the clinic and so much more. I can't get enough trade."

Simone Sleep - Defining You Wellbeing Clinic



Kingscliff Beauty & Massage-01

“I look at Bartercard as a piece of security for my business as it provides me with customers I wouldn’t normally have and I can earn money, even in quiet times.

My employees love Bartercard as I’m able to reward them for their hard work.  I reward them with simple things for instance; our local café accepts Bartercard so I pre-purchase vouchers which my staff use to purchase coffee and cakes.   In the past I’ve bought weekend accommodation packages for them as a bonus.  I always organise our Christmas party on Bartercard. 

I recently purchased a new range of skincare products on Bartercard from a supplier in Victoria.  I intend on packaging these products into gift baskets to sell for cash.  It’s a fantastic way for me to cash convert my trade dollars."

Zena Gormly - Kingscliff Beauty & Massage


Madison Day Spa-01

"Bartercard exposes us to different markets to gain new business.

If I can get it on trade, I do. We’ve incorporated Bartercard into all the areas of our business, the spa, accommodation and restaurant. Our regular purchases include advertising, office supplies, furnishings, bedding, commercial equipment, food supplies and wine for our restaurant.  In the past we’ve bought a company car as well as a couple of investment properties on Bartercard, one in Victoria and one in New South Wales.  This is something we’ll definitely look to do again in the future as it’s a fantastic way to build wealth using our trade dollars."

Lyden Jones - Madison Day Spa

So if you’d like to…
  • rapidly grow your network and attract new clients and word of mouth referrals
  • fill your unproductive downtime without discounting your pricing
  • sell your idle or slow moving stock at full retail price

…and if you’d like to…

  • access an interest free line of credit to grow your business
  • save cash on some of your business expenses (including advertising, accounting, maintenance and legal)

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