How Bartercard works for distribution businesses.

You're looking for a way to increase your market share, reduce your cash expenses and fill your vehicles more often.  Ultimately you're looking for a simple strategy that will increase your profits.

For over 26 years, distribution businesses have been turning to Bartercard to help convert their unsold capacity with new clients that fill their vehicles with trade sales that they're then using to offset their cash expenses.  They have been tapping into a network of approximately 20,000 businesses to strategically help grow their market share, decrease their overall costs, increase profit margins and insulate them against threats from their competition.

Review from a Bartercard member...

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"We are specialists in the direct mail industry and have been a Bartercard member for over 12 years. We use Bartercard for staff bonuses and do quite a lot of networking at Trader's lunches where we discover new ways we can create sales in Bartercard as well as being introduced to new business networks".

Michael Broughton - Laser Mail

So if you’re looking to increase your profits by…
  • saving cash on vehicle maintenance
  • saving cash on advertising and marketing
  • saving cash on equipment hire and administration expenses

…and you’d like to…

  • increase your market share, insulating yourself against threats from your competition
  • convert your unsold capacity into extra sales
  • offset  some of your cash business expenses

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