Bartercard Review - Watmar Electrical Contractors


Watmar Electrical offsets $15,000 worth of fixed costs with Bartercard every year

The owners of a Gold Coast electrical Watmar Electrical Contractors have saved enough for a property deposit in just 6 months, all with the extra business and referrals they have received through Bartercard.  

Watmar Electrical Contractors have been with Bartercard for 6 months, trading around $40,000 worth of services since joining. 

The Gold Coast family-owned business started just 18 months ago, and have used Bartercard to attract new customers and conserve their cash on business expenses. 

Sharyn Watson, who owns and runs Watmar with her partner Bernard Marsh has moved around $15,000 worth of fixed costs in their business across to Bartercard - using trade dollars to cover the cost of their accounting, bookkeeping and car servicing instead of cash. 
Meet Sharyn Watson, the owner of Watmar Property Maintenance. As a lifelong resident of the Gold Coast, Sharyn knows what it can be like to try to a find a reliable tradie.
Sharyn has spent more than 20 years in business on the Gold Coast.  She has held positions in five-star hotels, plus the wine, electrical, retail and car industries.
Offering residential property maintenance services specialising in electrical maintenance and installations, Watmar Property Maintenance has become the preferred electrical contractors for many Gold Coast homeowners and businesses.

“We have enough trade dollars to put down a 20 per cent deposit on a property, and we’ve been able to do this in almost 6 months.  The fact that we can buy property with extra business we’ve received through Bartercard, without impacting our cash flow or having to lay down a cash deposit is fantastic.”

Sharyn Watson, Owner of Watmar Electrical Contractors

Property investment without the cash deposit 

But the real reason for joining was to invest in property, and they have been stacking up the rest of the trade dollars they earn towards a deposit with Bartercard. 



 Bartercard and trades 

In the trades industry Bartercard is used by members to generate extra business and more referrals.  It is then used to offset members’ cash expenses on equipment, materials, accounting, advertising, property and more – keeping more money in members’ pockets and in the bank. 

Bartercard also helps start-ups with the capital to fund their business with an interest free-line of credit of up to $25,000.



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