Bartercard Review from Camerons Blinds and Awnings


Camerons Blinds and Awnings celebrates more success with Bartercard

Raising a glass for its 30th birthday, Camerons Blinds and Awnings is toasting more than just three decades in business – saving approximately $10,000 a year in cash with Bartercard has been the icing on the cake. 
The Carrum Downs manufacturer and retailer said Bartercard has put them on the front foot with customers and ahead with business, attracting new sales and reducing expenses every time.
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At Camerons Blinds & Awnings we are Melbourne’s outdoor and indoor specialists, offering an extensive range of custom designed and made to measure interior and exterior awnings, blinds, canopies, shades & shutters.

A family owned and run business, we have long been regarded as Melbourne’s premier manufacturer and have been covering Melbourne suburbs, the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island since 1985.

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“We keep more cash in our pockets each time we spend on Bartercard, which we put back into creating a better customer experience through improvements to our showroom and our shop-at-home service.”

Brand Manager Lisa Lees 

She said their success and longevity in the market has been sweet, but hasn’t come without continuous work and fine-tuning their services to meet their customers’ needs.

“When people ask what the biggest challenge has been along the way, I always say it’s being one-step ahead of our customers and having the foresight to know what they will want before they want it,” she said. 

“Nothing comes without hard work but seeing our business become a household name around Melbourne and Mornington in the last 6 years has really been the icing on the cake.   



From humble beginnings, the family-owned company started out of a garage in 1985, growing its reputation and quality to a two-factory facility quickly.

Five and a half years ago, Lisa and her partner bought the business from her father with a heavy focus on expansion since.

“Over thirty years we’ve evolved with times, but some things have always stayed the same” Lisa said. 

“Service has always been ingrained in the fabric of our business, and we put a lot of effort into creating a flawless experience for our customers from start to finish.” 

“We’ve always stayed with local suppliers – all of our fabrics and components are made in Australia and assembled in our Carrum Downs factory.

“What’s changed is the materials and the fabrics we use for our blinds and awnings, which all contain UV and solar qualities to not only block out but also reflect the sun.”  

“This makes it not only more efficient in keeping our customers’ homes shaded and cool, but also protects furniture and carpet from UV damage and cuts electricity costs.”


Attracting new customers and conserving cash with Bartercard

Lisa said the company joined Bartercard 15 years ago and have been attracting new customers and conserving cash on a range of expenses since.

“We use it to cover the cost of stationery, uniforms, office cleaning, car servicing, wine and office equipment, and I also have my eye on a couple of accommodation packages in Vanuatu,” she said. 

“It’s a fantastic asset we would recommend to any business owner looking to conserve cash and attract new customers.”



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