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How does Bartercard work for companies within the arts & entertainment industry?

One of the most important things for anyone in the arts and entertainment industry is expanding your customer base. As you'll see from the following reviews, the Bartercard network is highly effective in both driving referrals and opening up a whole new market of potential customers.

Read through reviews from just some of our arts and entertainment members and see what Bartercard could be doing for your business!

Reviews from our members...

Peppers Entertainment-01

"Bartercard is great because it has helped me to expand my business. After every Bartercard job, I generally get a cash referral job. Basically I am expanding my client base without trying too hard. I recommend you give it a go."


Barry van Peppen - Peppers Entertainment

Jumping J Jays-01

"We used our Bartercard account to pay for 90 percent of franchise growth-related expenses. When we do franchise expo tours around Australia and New Zealand, we buy everything from hotel accommodation, food and beverage and franchise dinners, to meetings on trade."

Bartercard review from John Newton - Jumping J Jays


Matt Hollywood-01

"I credit Bartercard for helping me launch my career into the big time. It has been an essential marketing device and it really does work like magic – where previously there was an empty space in my diary, suddenly, thanks to Bartercard, it is filled with a new job. It's brilliant."

Matt Hollywood - 
Professional Magician


Tracey Keller-01

"Bartercard is an opportunity to get into a whole new market and it has saved me so much cash. Everything that is essential in my gallery is paid for on Bartercard. All the lighting, the furniture, the electrics, working materials and the lot is purchased on Bartercard. It honestly works so well for me."

Tracey Keller - Artist & Gallery Owner


Peter Taggert-01

"I get extra business through Bartercard, as members hire me to take photos to use in their marketing and advertising. This is a great way for them to spend and has been a great boost to my income within the business and also helped me pay for luxuries like holidays and various items around the house."

Peter Taggert - Peter Taggert Photography

You can improve your business today by
  • filling downtime, utilising idle equipment and selling unsold stock
  • being exposed to a new network of business owners
  • increasing word of mouth referrals

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