Brand trades on good name

Author: Cairns Post
NEW Bartercard tropical North Queensland managers Wayne and Robyn Thomson are using the strength of the brand to promote the destination both nationally and overseas.

While Bartercard was a small to medium business trading scheme, Mr Thomson said it could be used to promote the Far North as well.
“I believe there are flow-on opportunities as well, not only in Tropical North Queensland but in New Zealand and the US as well as the rest of Australia,” he said.

Mr Thomson said Bartercard has been established about 22 years ago with the goal of helping small business to do well in a competitive landscape.
wayne robyn
He said 96 per cent of businesses in Australia were small to medium businesses. Bartercard is a trade exchange which involves members trading their goods and services for other goods and services without the need for cash.

“Trading is not a new concept and has been around for centuries. Bartercard, however, offers a modern system to trade seamlessly with ease with a network of approximately 20,000 members around Australia.”

Mr Thomson said there were about 400 businesses in the Far North that belonged to Bartercard.

“Growth has been pretty good. In the first month (May) we were up 21 per cent and 11 per cent in the second month.”

Mr Thomson said in January Bartercard launched a new brand to the Australian and international markets in order to reflect the new direction of the company. “With expansion now into seven countries globally and a greater emphasis on serving local Australian communities, Bartercard is ready to be the voice of small business in Australia,” he said.

“The brand reflects the new direction of Bartercard as being innovative, modern and dynamic.”

Mr Thomson became a member of Bartercard when he ran a music shop in Brisbane in 1992. He has worked with the franchise on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane as well as at the head office on the Gold Coast. Mr Thomson is the brand’s national training services manager, helping franchises throughout Australia.

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