Bartercard toasts success

5th February 2016

WHO would have guessed a little trade exchange business called Bartercard would become a global business about to celebrate its 25th birthday.
The Gold Coast-born and bred company which has grown into the world’s largest trade exchange with a presence in eight countries will be raising a toast to $8.9 billion worth of trading, 21.9 million transactions and conserving $4.4 billion in cash for small businesses in Australia over the last 25 years.
The company, marking the occasion with a knees-up at the Hilton hotel tomorrow night, turns 25 on Monday.
Brian Hall, one of the company’s founders, said that out of an idea Bartercard has grown to encompass 55,000 cardholders world-wide but its vision remains unchanged.   
“Bartercard has come a long way evolving with the technology and the times, but our goal of growing local commerce and creating new opportunities for local business remains the same,” he said.      
“Twenty-five years down the track we continue to remedy setbacks for small to medium-sized businesses and connect like-minded business owners through technology platforms that support their vision.”
“While the Gold Coast has done a lot of growing up in the last 25 years, Bartercard has grown with it and will continue to stick with its members through thick and thin to drive business through dynamic solutions.”

Since start up Bartercard estimates it has injected more than $40 million into the local community and sporting space through sponsorships.

Some of the most memorable events it’s partnered with include the Bartercard Gold Coast Indy and Bartercard Miss Indy from 1991 to 2008

Media outlet: Gold Coast Bulletin
Title: Bartercard toast Success
Date: Friday 5th February 2016