Bartercard exchange system a boon for tourist firms

11th April 2016


TOURISM operators across Australia are using the Bartercard trade system to boost bookings during low seasons and enable fellow business owners to benefit from discounted holiday packages, the company says. 
It says its trade system has become an important strategy to stimulate growth in holiday hot spots.
Accommodation providers and other travel business owners are using trade to attract more customers and accumulate alternative currency to minimise cash expenditure.
Bartercard says there has been a spike in membership among tourism operators in all parts of Australia, and particularly in Queensland.
“It has created a win-win situation for business owners across a range of industries who are enjoying breaks at some of the most popular destinations in Australia and the Asia Pacific, including Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Tonga, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands,” Bartercard founder and South Gold Coast franchise principal Andrew Federowsky said.
He said members in the tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors had incorporated the trade system into their business plans to increase bookings in off-peak seasons and safe-guard against economic hardship.
“Our members within the tourism and leisure industries offer their excess room nights and associated services through Bartercard, with fellow members able to use trade to cover a portion, or often the total cost, of the booking,” Mr Federowsky said.
“This allows accommodation owners to ensure a steady flow of bookings, while also creating an alternative currency to maximize profits by saving cash outlay in other essential areas of their business, such as product or advertising.
“The business operators also tell us that referrals from happy Bartercard customers often lead to future cash bookings, further stimulating growth.
“We know that holidays are often low on the list of priorities for hardworking business owners, and by using Bartercard they are able to take a well-earned break at some of the world’s most beautiful places without feeling they can’t afford the additional cash expense.
Mr Federowsky said savvy travellers were also making the most of the accommodation options available through Bartercard, including transfers, car hire and food and beverage vouchers. 

Media outlet: Gold Coast Bulletin
Title: Bartercard exchange system a boon for tourist firms
Date: 11th April 2016