Bartercard: a viable alternative to a business bank loan

Bartercard is presenting a viable alternative to a bank loan for small and medium-sized business owners that shows to be a growing choice for members within restaurants and catering.

For a limited time members who join Bartercard receive a $10,000 interest-free line of credit to invest in their business. Click here for more information.

Bartercard’s CEO and Founder Brian Hall said that the interest-free line of credit is benefiting a number of business owners who are opting to step away from the banks for their business needs – and take cash out of the equation with Bartercard.


“Members in the restaurant and catering industry are using the interest-free line of credit on essential start up costs and business-generating expenses including interior fit-outs, equipment, extra storage space and stock sourced through Bartercard’s community of 20,000 business members.

“From first glance the benefit is that Bartercard’s line of credit, which is offered in the form of a cash-alternative currency, comes without the price tag of interest,” he said.  “Additionally it attracts extra customers, increases productivity by filling downtime, and reduces cash expenses to keep more money in the bank.

“Bartercard’s interest-free line of credit is a viable alternative designed to put you in control of your finances – members can expect to see a 10 -15 per cent increase in their business activity.

For more information visit http://go.bartercard.com.au/interest-free.

Media Source: Restaurant and Catering Australia