Australian goods and services most expensive in the world

24th March, 2015
Where in the world is the cheapest place to buy a car, get a smart phone or book a weekend away?  

The answer isn’t Australia, which has been named by Deutsche Bank as the most expensive country in the world for goods and services.     

The Deutsche Bank Mapping prices survey contrastingly showed the US to be the cheapest developed country, while India remains the cheapest major economy in the world.  

Bartercard Australia CEO Clive van Deventer said it’s a call for small to medium-sized business owners to consider Bartercard which facilitates the purchase of goods and services without the exchange of cash. 

“With 24,000 global members in the network, business owners aren’t short of trading options to keep cash in their wallet each time they exchange goods and services,” he said.

He added that trading options are growing weekly, and online transactions have jumped by 188% within Australia in the last four years. 

“From March 2011 to March 2015 we’ve gone from approximately $6 million to almost $18 million in online transactions within Australia each month.”

He added that some of the most popular areas where businesses are conserving cash include professional services, trades, accommodation packages around the world and real estate. 

The Gold Coast-founded company, which has its National Office in Southport, celebrated its 24th birthday in 2015, and has some exciting developments earmarked. 

Its brand new loyalty app bucqi, set to kick-start testing shortly, will launch Bartercard into the consumer marketplace allowing merchants to offer rewards points to cash-paying customers. 

Clive added that in the current economy, many business owners are turning to Bartercard to not only offset their cash expenses, but attract clients and source equity for business start-ups.  

“Starting a business can be financially challenging at the best of times, especially with limited resources when you are living in the most expensive country in the world.” 

“This survey shows that the cost of equal goods and services varies dramatically around the world.  Bartercard narrows that gap considerably.” 

via The Guardian 
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Bartercard Australia CEO Clive van Deventer said businesses are turning to the currency alternative where goods and services are the most expensive in the world. 

About Bartercard

Founded on the Gold Coast in 1991, Bartercard is the world’s largest global trade exchange currently operating in eight countries and servicing 55,000 cardholders who barter-trade over $600 million world-wide each year. 

Bartercard works with SMBs across almost every type of industry as a dynamic and member-centric business solution, using the latest technology and systems to create a flexible way of trading products and services without the challenge of a direct swap.  Through this process, business owners transform their spare capacity, slow-moving stock, empty seats, excess or obsolete inventory and downtime into new sales income to offset their cash expenses, increase profits and create a healthier cash flow.  

With a presence in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, UAE, Cyprus, Thailand and South Africa, Bartercard envisions to continue expanding and connecting businesses around the world through the cashless economy of barter.   

Bartercard’s parent company BPS Technology recently listed on the ASX last September 2014, making its debut as a public listed company.  This significant step has put Bartercard even further into the spotlight.      

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