Xennox Diamonds sends customers packing to exotic locations with Bartercard

In August and September last year Xennox Diamonds ran a special promotion through Bartercard offering a free holiday accommodation package to purchasers of rings valued at $3,500 or more.

Would you jump at a product purchase offer that included free holiday accommodation in Thailand or Fiji? It would certainly be more than tempting if you were purchasing a diamond engagement ring and wondering how you were going to afford a good quality ring and a honeymoon.

This promotion resulted in almost 30 cash sales during the two month period. Increased turnover wasn’t the only benefit. The promotion created publicity and brand recognition for Xennox Diamonds.

This would have been a costly promotion if the accommodation was paid for in cash – fortunately it was paid for with Bartercard.

Managing Director of Xennox Diamonds Karl Schwantes has been a Bartercard member for over eight years. He considers himself quite good at investing his trade dollars wisely, but it was only last year when he came up with a fabulous new strategy to turn his trade dollars into cash business. He decided to purchase the holiday accommodation packages on Bartercard, and run the two month promotion.  It was a way of spending very little in cash to bring in new cash customers wanting to purchase high quality rings.

Over the years Karl has used Bartercard for the purchase of a number of investment properties.  Printing, stationery, social media management and much of the advertising and marketing for the business are also paid for through barter.

Next time you’re on the hunt for a diamond ring it might pay to find out what Xennox Diamonds has to offer – our jewellery is made on the premises by skilled Australian tradespeople.  Items are occasionally advertised on Bartercard’s eMarketplace, but Karl welcomes enquiries from Bartercard members at any time.

For more information on quality diamond rings visit www.xennoxdiamonds.com.au.