Wollongong’s Top Bartercard Trader Confidently Glows

When Confident Health Care dental practice owner Parisa Javady joined Bartercard in 2011, she had no set strategy in mind as to how she might make use of it. The business was doing well and not in dire need of additional patients. Parisa simply loved the concept of bartering – and her love hasn’t faded.

Over the past three years, Parisa’s dental practice, situated in Corrimal, has traded more than $430,000 on Bartercard and there are no signs of slowing down. The practice welcomes Bartercard members for all levels of dental treatment, from a check-up and clean to implants, and there are no limits to treatment availability. That’s because they’ve found no end to the list of ways they can put their trade dollars to use. Practice Manager, Kim Lumsden explained “We just find so many uses for our trade dollars. I’m pretty sure we’re on the phone to our Trade Co- ordinator at least once a day, asking if we can source one thing or another on Bartercard. There are many things we buy that are really beneficial to have, but wouldn’t be a priority purchase if we had to pay cash.”

So exactly how does a dental practice spend hundreds of thousands of trade dollars?

Conserving cash
The practice has been able to shift a number of day to day expenses to Bartercard, including tissues, toilet paper, and office stationery, water for the dispenser in the waiting room, window cleaning, security monitoring, and even some dental equipment. Their biggest find in the
cash conserving category was $10,000 worth of dental tools on Barter. Kim estimates that up to 20% of expenses are now covered by trade dollars.

Improving the business
Having access to a good amount of trade dollars has allowed the practice to spend relatively freely on items that bring improvement to the business, but wouldn’t necessarily be a priority if they had to be paid for in cash - from the weekly delivery of fresh flowers to the purchase of a quality $10,000 copier. They’ve also installed a new security system and monitors at the dental practice and at Parisa’s home.
Being a Bartercard member has also helped to boost patient numbers. The clinic’s patients, including those who pay with Bartercard, often refer friends and family who pay in cash – so it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to meeting new Bartercard clients. And if you’re planning a visit to Confident Health Care for dental treatment, prepare to be interrogated - Kim says they get many ideas on using their trade dollars by speaking with their Bartercard patients!

Staff Incentives
Parisa isn’t the only raving fan of Bartercard at Confident Health Care – her ten or so employees all have staff accounts – this allows the practice to offer incentives in trade dollars and give special rewards to team members. Staff members are rewarded for bringing new patients to the practice, or simply for doing an outstanding job. Kim says these rewards are definitely appreciated, “we’re all able to have our hair cut at an award winning salon, visit a beautician, or just have dinner out, without dipping into our regular pay or cash savings.”

There’s also a Christmas party every year and the planning for the 2014 event is already underway - Parisa has booked out an entire venue at Sussex Inlet for two days. It sounds like it’s going to be one awesome Christmas party!

For more information on Confident Health Care visit www.confidenthealthcare.com.au.