Restaurant and Catering - Week 3: Supporting local industry through Bartercard

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been chatting to French restaurateur Manu about Fillaudeau’s, his award-winning Perth establishment serving authentic provincial cuisine.  In this installment of our 6-week series, we look at Filaudeau’s’ focus on sustainability and locally sourced produce, folding into an ingrained philosophy of mouth watering cuisine using the freshest ingredients.  However food is not the only locally sourced ingredient at Fillaudeau’s – through the use of Bartercard owner Manu supports local industry in a number of ways while conserving his cash flow. 

Manu said that with him and his Perth-born wife both growing up in regional areas where food was sourced from the land rather than the supermarket, it was important for both of them to support local industry. 

“60% of our ingredients are sourced within 8 kilometres of the restaurant including seafood, meat, free-range poultry, eggs, fruit and vegetables from local markets in Perth,” he said.

“Supporting our local farmers and growers means there is more quality and variety in our produce which is important as our kitchen relies on many flavours.”

“As a member of Bartercard we have also supported many local suppliers through spending in our business to build Fillaudeau’s up and keep it going.”

Apart from sourcing cooking equipment, tables, chairs and interior furnishings on barter, Manu has also used trade dollars to purchase plumbing, gardening, pest control, technicians, wine, cleaning, bookkeeping and floor board polishing from local suppliers.

In exchange for buying on trade Manu takes approximately 10 per cent of his customer bookings through Bartercard.

“Using Bartercard to source all of these business expenses means keeping money in the bank each time we trade.”

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Media Source: Restaurant and Catering Australia

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