Pizza app has a supreme database

Maries Pizza has launched a partnership with bucqi, a mobile payment app, as a strategy to reach out to a wider database of pizza lovers. 

It lets Gold Coasters ditch the cash and cards and instead use the app to buy from any of the company’s seven outlets.

Maries Pizza chief executive Kate Biglands, whose family opened the original Palm Beach store 34 years ago, said bigger rewards and the trend of flashing a smart phone to pay will attract more customers. 

“The Gold Coast has a fast-moving food scene that is giving locals and tourists more options, and new dining experiences are competing against the takeaway market,” she said.
Ms Biglands said bucqi, billed as the “app that gives you more bang for your bucq”, would put the humble takeaway pizza back in front of consumers.

bucqi, created on the Gold Coast, was acquired in February 2014 by ASX-listed BPS Technology, which owns Bartercard and trade exchange software company TESS. 
bucqi Australia chief executive Clive van Deventer said there had been thousands of downloads of the app on the Gold Coast. 

“Customers earn between 20-100 per cent of every transaction back in rewards dollars, called ‘bucqs’ which they can spend at more than 200 Gold Coast businesses,” he said. 

“It’s a different take on rewards, traditionally restricted to single business spending, and the upside for businesses is they can increase rewards to pull more customers in, or scale them back when they are busy.

Ms Biglands said bucqi allowed the business to “keep up with the evolving spending habits of our customers.”

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin, 6th June 2016, page 17.