Bartercardís boost from construction

16th February 2015
Gold Coast Bulletin, Gold Coast QLD

THE building, plumbing and contractors sector was the biggest growth area last year for Bartercard South Gold Coast, which expects the trend to continue this year.
The franchise saw a jump of more than 8 per cent in the construction sector on the previous year.
Other growth sectors were advertising, media, web design, printing services and automotive and mechanical, which saw members increase a further 6 per cent respectively in 2014.
Bartercard founder and South Gold Coast franchise principal Andrew Federowsky (pictured) said he expects a steady increase in new members in 2015.
He said the rise in memberships reflects recognition by business owners that Bartercard offers a solution for moving excess stock or improving cash flow.
“The team saw an increase of 50-60 members following a recent fee restructure, which no longer requires members to pay a $1500 upfront joining fee, but lets them pay month by month,” he said. “More people are willing to see how they can benefit from Bartercard, with Bartercard offering businesses functional, operational and sales solutions, for a minimal outlay.”
Mr Federowsky said his team noted a trend in members using Barter
Dollars in 2014 to cover business essentials and services.
“Around five years ago, people would treat themselves with luxury items,” he said.
“Now we see people using Barter for business- related services and stationery, to exchange goods or to move excess stock. We have been able to help lots of businesses free up their cash flow and concentrate on building their business.”