20th February 2017

Eco swimwear bartering with best


Gold Coast eco-fashionista Pip Andreas is protecting the environment one bikini at a time and harnessing the power of the Bartercard network to help her label splash out across Australia and overseas.  

The Mudgeeraba operator sought Bartercard’s help to help grow her ethically produced, eco-friendly swimwear and yogawear brand, Think Love Live.  

A few months after signing up to Bartercard South Gold Coast, she said trade to date accounted for about 5 per cent of turnover for her label.  

Pip said being part of Bartercard has helped to promote her brand and make possible introductions to small businesses such as gyms.  

“Also, with fashion lines, there’s always excess stock and being part of the network has enabled me to offload that stock to members wanting to spend Bartercard dollars at events or online,” she said.  
Pip is hoping more consumers will turn to eco-friendly fashion labels to help stem worsening global population.

She said the fashion industry was a big polluter and its harsh effects were exacerbated by a voracious appetite for fast, cheap throwaway clothing.  

“There’s a perception that if it’s eco-friendly it must be poor quality or ugly,” she said.  

“I want to change that perception by showing that eco-friendly can be beautiful.” 

“Established in 2004, Think Love Live creates its classic swimwear range from fabric made almost entirely with recycled plastic bottles yet feels, wears and washes like polyester.  

The online retailer recently launched yoga mats made with eco-friendly materials – Lyocell, sourced from FSC plantation wood and Sorona, produced using 37 per cent renewable plant-based ingredients.

Although eco-friendly fabrics are more expensive, Think Love live prices range from $39 to $69.  

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin 
Printed Monday 20th February 2017