Restaurant and Catering - Week 4: Building Personal Wealth with Bartercard

Restaurateur Manu Fillaudeau and his wife Jazz will pocket 25 per cent of the cash cost of their second investment property on Bartercard.

Fillaudeau’s is an award-winning French restaurant on the fringe of Perth. For the last few weeks we’ve been chatting with owner and chef Manu Fillaudeau about his rustic gem set amongst the vineyard of the Pinelli Estate, and how he’s used Bartercard to grow and supplement his business in so many ways. This week we look at how he and his wife Jazz have used Bartercard to build their personal wealth.

The culinary devotees, who have already amassed five industry awards in just two short years of starting Fillaudeau’s, said their second investment property on Bartercard, which they are set to buy next year, will save them 25 per cent of the cash cost.


They bought their first investment property on Bartercard just over a year ago which covered 15 per cent of the cash cost, stacking up to big cash savings across the two properties.     

In addition to using Bartercard to assist with the start up of their restaurant and save on expenses including furnishings and fit outs, this has been a huge feat for the couple.

“The benefits we’ve experienced since joining Bartercard have been profound; not only did it kick-start our business with the interest-free line of credit but the opportunities to source essentials, saving on cash each time, have been extensive and ongoing.

 “Purchasing two investment properties on Bartercard has been a huge asset and the icing on the cake; not only securing our financial future but giving us more opportunities to grow our business and continue sharing our culinary approach of authentic cuisine.

Fillaudeau’s serves up traditional delicacies like escargots a l ail (burgundy snails with garlic butter) and classic Australian dishes cooked with a French twist.

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