26th August 2016

Bartercard builds property presence


Gold Coast-based trade-currency business Bartercard has expanded its involvement in the property sector, lifting the value of listings worldwide from $100 million in 2015 to $145 million. 

Bartercard Australia chief executive Clive van Deventer said Australia is the hotspot for such activity, accounting for listings totalling more than $100 million. 

He said the company has more than 250 properties hosted on its websites in five countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and Thailand. 

“More and more, business owners are selling and investing in real estate through Bartercard,” Mr van Deventer said.
bartercard australia CEO clive van deventer 1MG-763

“They are taking advantage of listings that, typically have a 25 per cent trade currency component in the price tag.”

“Bartercard’s property specialist, Carl Hassard, said that from a seller’s viewpoint, the company is able to assist with quick sales to source finances and reduce holding costs, sell slow-moving stock and maintain margins.

“If a vendor has a property worth $400,000, they can sell it for a split of $80,000 in Bartercard’s alternative currency and the remainder in cash and, in doing so, achieve the selling price they want,” he said.

“Not only does Bartercard have a property portfolio, but our sellers also benefit from our database of qualified purchasers.”

Mr Hassard said the buyers generally are more willing to purchase property Australia-wide or overseas and that investors through Bartercard are able to sell “and retain a healthy cash profit”.

Randal Wilson, managing partner of Randal Wilson Project Marketing, said Bartercard’s trade currency has enabled him to find for clients buyers for 12 properties totalling $4 million in value in less than two months.

The properties are in locations that stretch from the Gold Coast to the Cape York town of Weipa. 
Mr Wilson said properties with a Bartercard cashless component in the asking price typically sell faster because investors can use Bartercard trade currency instead of cash for the deposit. 

“It is an effective strategy to make the listing-to-sale process more efficient,” he said.

“We see Bartercard as extra business and we pay a success fee, which is less speculative than paying advertising costs in the cash market with the expectation to achieve an inquiry.”

Bartercard is an arm of listed company BPS Technology.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin, p 62
Published 26th August 2016.