Restaurant and Catering feature - Week 2: Attracting more cash-paying customers through Bartercard

Last week we spoke to chef Manu Fillaudeau about growing his business, a successful restaurant in Perth serving authentic French provincial cuisine.

This week we look at how Fillaudeau’s attracts more cash-paying customers through Bartercard’s network of 20,000 business members. If you missed the first week of the series, click here to bring you up to date.

Coming from a small village in the west famous for its wine, Manu said he grew up on the farm learning traditional culinary techniques, confecting delicacies and cooking with flavours that had been passed down for centuries. 

Manu and Jazz Fillaudeau at their award-winning restaurant Fillaudeau’s, specialising in authentic French provincial cuisine. 

“We had fresh milk on our doorstep each morning, bread from the artisan baker, eggs from the chooks, grew all of our vegetables, and prepared charcuterie and small goods with the meat we hunted on the land,” he said.

“Starting Fillaudeau’s I wanted to pass on the techniques and traditions I learned from my family and share my culture and cooking.  Fillaudeau’s has let me do both – I teach the techniques to my apprentices, and we serve up to a hundred customers in one sitting on a busy day.  

“We first joined Bartercard to start the business up, now it accounts for roughly 10 per cent of our customers.

“And the extra business created through Bartercard converts to bookings in the cash market through word of mouth.

Manu added that he accepts bookings from almost anyone who wants to dine on trade dollars with limited availability on busy days, but tries to take more Bartercard bookings on quieter days to fill the downtime.  He is also organising a wedding on Bartercard that will bring many customers to the restaurant.

“From a networking perspective being in Bartercard is also useful,” he said, “because it lets me speak to members in the network who I can potentially trade with to grow my business further.  It has helped me build contacts in advertising, media and many other industries that are useful in so many ways.”

“At the end of the day it lets me share my passion with more people.”

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