An ideal investment with Bartercard

Gloria Gattuso recently purchased a home and land package using Bartercard trade dollars for a deposit. She’s exceptionally happy with the purchase price, the home, the inclusions and the location – for Gloria it is the perfect way to invest the trade dollars earned by making extra sales on Bartercard.

As a wholesaler and importer of homeware, specialising in aluminium ware, Gloria from Theatre Imports is a busy woman. With multiple trips to India each year, travelling interstate to exhibit at seven or more trade shows a year, and keeping up with new trends in fashion and homeware, she has little time to waste. In fact, when we interviewed Gloria, she was in a hotel in Western Australian and had just a little time before heading to the airport to fly to South Australia for another exhibition.

Gloria talked to us about her Bartercard journey. On joining, Gloria saw Bartercard as a great way to bring in more sales as it was the perfect way to sell smaller non-wholesale quantities of stock that would otherwise be difficult for her to move – she could sell smaller quantities of products to members and sell retail at Bartercard trade shows.

What Gloria realised was that since most of her expenses were incurred overseas, in a location where she was unable to use the Bartercard, she had to get creative with her spends.

Real Estate Opportunities Arise
About two years ago Gloria was prompted by a call she received from the Bartercard Real Estate division. A real estate purchase sounded like a very wise investment of trade dollars, but even so, Gloria had little time to spend researching the opportunities and the idea fell by the wayside until 2013 when an outstanding opportunity was presented to her.

House and land packages in the Saratoga Estate in Point Cook were being offered. Purchasers could use trade dollars for 10% of the land cost and 20% of the building cost. The build was all inclusive too – from the floor coverings and curtains, to the fencing, landscaping and dishwasher. The location was good and the inclusions were high quality. Gloria decided it was time to act and that purchasing an investment home would be an excellent way of investing her trade dollars to ensure a good return. Discovering that a suitable property management service was also available on trade was a bonus.

The home is still under construction by Watersun but is moving towards completion. So what’s next for this diligent investor? Impressed by the opportunity and the outcome Gloria will be keeping a closer eye on real estate opportunities in the future. She plans to sell the investment property after a while to convert those trade dollars to cash. “I will do it again” said Gloria, “it’s been a very positive experience.”

For more information visit www.theatreimports.com.au.