8th May, 2018

Local label looks to change the face of China’s $4.3 billion beauty industry

Gold Coast label NAS Cosmetics is travelling to China in May to test the waters in the world’s largest economy.  

Its founder and owner Jennifer Hinds will showcase her brand to thousands of buyers at the Chinese International Beauty Expo (CIBE) from 19th – 21st May, taking place in the world’s most populated city: Shanghai.

She’s joining 47 Australian brands and looking to make the most of China’s $4.3 billion beauty market, where consumer demand for premium foreign beauty products is soaring

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The concept of NAS (Natural, Australian & Safe) started seven years ago when Jenni realised she had a draw full of make-up that underperformed and underdelivered.  She decided to purchase a ‘high end’ makeup product believing that if she paid top dollar, she’d be getting the best. 

Unfortunately, it began giving her headaches and causing nausea whenever she wore it, so thinking it was expired, she took it back to the store where she was told she was overreacting.  

“It was that pivotal moment when I realised the make-up I was wearing every day was full of nasty ingredients and I saw a gap in the market for chemical-free makeup that aides healthy skin management and really works,” she said.   

While Jenni had no beauty background, she wanted women to realise they didn’t have to pay exorbitant prices for chemical-based products.  So she went to market and asked them what they wanted.      

“The answer was a product that allowed skin to breathe, function and heal naturally, didn’t clog pores, was water and UV resistant, cruelty free and could withstand heat and exercise.” 

“Shortly after, I started formulating NAS Cosmetics out of my kitchen completely from scratch and turned it into a fully-fledged product two years later. 

“It took a lot of research, development and many wasted batches to create the right formulation.” 

The result was her flagship mineral foundation that fits the bill, and a full makeup range carrying all of these qualities followed.     

Today NAS is distributed Australia-wide and Jenni’s sights are set on China.  

CIBE is the largest beauty expo in Asia attracting approximately half a million industry buyers from around the world. 

Approximately 85% of these are from Chinese retail and distribution companies.  

Jenny’s making inroads into the Chinese market with the support of Export Plus Global, an export enablement division of IncentiaPay which last year launched Australia’s first Alipay Smart City on the Gold Coast. 

Export Plus Global Manager Tass Schmidt said the expo opens China’s rapidly growing cosmetics market up to local labels like NAS Cosmetics and gives them access to new buyer relationships on a global scale. 

“While multinational brands lead the foreign beauty products market in China, events like CIBE and online ecommerce sites like Alibaba are giving smaller companies the platform to build traction in the Chinese market as consumers increasingly shop online. 

“Participating in CIBE is part of a strategy to support our clients’ online presence through an event where suppliers meet buyers and other exhibitors directly, forge relationships, gauge market interest, build brand awareness and secure orders.” 

In tandem with the fast development of China’s economy, the Chinese cosmetics industry is rising at a rapid pace of 12% per year. 

The retail trade revenue of cosmetics grew from 19.5 billion yuan (US$3.1 billion) in March 2016 to 21.49 billion yuan (US$3.5 billion) in March 2017 and consumer demographics are shifting towards a younger segment seeking the prestige of quality foreign products.  

Tass said Export Plus Global works with businesses in several ways to break into the Chinese market.

“We’ve opened an Australian ecommerce mall in Alibaba.com where businesses can setup ecommerce shops and we support them in every step of that process.

“These shops are visible to 466 million buyers from around the world and Australia is a highly trusted source of beauty and personal care products”. 

“The next step is building more bespoke in-market solutions where we work with local operators in China to develop strategies for marketing products there.    

“We work closely with our clients and support them through the many hurdles of entering a new market like China, because quality Australian brands like NAS Cosmetics have global market potential and deserve to be on a world stage.”

Jenni added that the minerals in NAS cosmetics are milled to a size to reduce absorption so it eliminates the need to reapply and feels incredibly light to wear.

“If it stands the test of harsh Australian conditions, we know it can be successful in other markets.”        

NAS Cosmetics joins a clutch of Australian beauty brands including Sukin, Natio, A’kin and Aromababy alongside 3,500 exhibitors from around the globe at CIBE.  

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