Your Safe Passage to Export

IncentiaPay has opened the doors for Bartercard members to sell and distribute products in China and globally. 

Export Plus Global works with SMEs to expand their businesses through export and broadening their Australian market reach.  We have partnerships in place with the world’s largest ecommerce platform, Alibaba.com and Chinese ecommerce marketing specialists to support businesses every step of the way - tackling many of the hurdles to business expansion through export.

The key target industries we are currently working with are:

•    Health and wellness
•    Specialist apparel
•    Australian derived product manufacturing
•    Technology
•    Food and beverage
•    Agricultural products
•    Education
•    Travel
•    Real estate

To register your interest in selling your products and services into China and elsewhere, please complete the following form and Export Plus Global will contact you directly. 

Who we are:

Export Plus Global
 is a start-up business under IncentiaPay, and offers a value-added service to Bartercard members, helping them to drive business growth through export derived income across a range of digital marketing platforms and sales channels. Export Plus Global designed initiatives including: initial “export ready” assessment; individual mentoring; business advisory; “Your Safe Passage To Export” training, events and workshops, plus ongoing assistance and monitoring will be offered to Australian SME export start-up members.

Embedded throughout the process of becoming export ready and launching into new markets, Export Plus Global extends to export start-up SMEs, expert end to end support and access to relevant professional networks in Australia, China and elsewhere.

Agreements are in place with eCommerce partners, including but not limited to Alibaba Group; iSynergy; Alipay; SmartTrans (Beijing) and Digital Jungle. All services, partnerships and collaborations are formulated to provide “Your Safe Passage To Export”.  
“Morlife is a Australian producer of functional superfoods and we are the first company to use Export Plus Global.  China has restrictions and laws when it comes to importing, and controlling your products once they leave the country hasn’t always been possible.  Export Plus Global lets us securely access China’s rapidly growing e-commerce sector, and helps us take care of everything from compliance to quality, translations, shipping and listing on Alibaba’s 1688.com.  It gives us complete control of every aspect and removes the need for third parties.  We stock to suppliers Australia-wide, now Export Plus has helped us break into the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market, China"
Cheryl Stewart, Morlife’s Export and Business Development Manager

Morlife expands its market to China

Want to know how Export Plus works and what’s involved?  Read this case study about Morlife, a Gold Coast-based producer of functional superfoods who broke into the Chinese market.