Business: The Black Sheep Espresso Baa

Owner: Dinesh Nair

There are countless styles, varieties, and ways for people to drink coffee.  Now a local Gold Coast establishment is serving a pet-friendly alternative to the caffeinated drink. Coolangatta’s Black Sheep Espresso Baa is dishing out ‘Puppuccinos’ to dogs - a tongue-in-cheek variation of the cappuccino trending amongst pet owners. It’s lactose-free milk frothed, dusted with carob, topped with a dog biscuit and served in a pet bowl.  
Owner of The Black Sheep Espresso Baa’s Dinesh Nair, opened the doors to his establishment early last year in the new Coolangatta precinct.  He used Bartercard’s $25,000 interest-free line of credit to help start his business.
Dinesh said people can expect to see more dog owners treating their pets when they pick up their coffee fix. “It’s more popular in Europe than Australia right now but we are seeing more pet owners ordering puppuccinos,” he said.  “People like to treat their pets to a cup.”

Another drink trending is latte bowls.  “We see more customers drinking their coffee out of a bowl; again it’s a style more common in Europe that’s picking up with Gold Coasters.”

After looking at different options, Dinesh joined Bartercard’s cashless network and used the $25,000 interest-free line of credit to secure the beachfront location and set his business up. 

He sourced the architectural design and plans, painting, electrical work, materials, fit out and builders clean all on Bartercard.  He also used it to pay for his brand design, some kitchen equipment, billboard and magazine advertising, business cards and flyers, and interior furnishings, conserving cash on all of these expenses.

The beachside bar offers restaurant quality food and precision when it comes to coffee making, with specially trained baristas onsite.   To go with their certified organic blend, they do a la carte breakfast and lunch, where all ingredients are locally sourced.

Dinesh said he offers a location and an approach to coffee and food that’s synonymous with what locals love “It’s why we place emphasis on quality and taste, and the option to grab something healthy on the go.”

The Black Sheep Espresso Baa has also recently introduced lunchbox drops to local businesses, pre-ordered and delivered daily.    

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