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Attracts new customers

Open your business up to a whole new market of customers without reducing prices or compromising your brand.
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Reduces cash expenses

We all love saving! Bartercard lets you exchange goods and services without spending cash – allowing you to conserve your valuable cash flow.

Creates strategic partnerships

Whether your business is in need of a shakeup, or you want to take your brand to the next level, we have 24,000 members world-wide ready to network and do business. 
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Our interest-free line of credit

Need capital to fund your start-up or expand?  When you join Bartercard you automatically get an interest free line of credit up to $25,000 - where else in business can you find this?

Improves your lifestyle

Take your pick from 1,000+ accommodation options, pay for new clothing, entertainment, massages, furnishings, home renovations or a night out without opening your wallet. 
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Expands your product range

Elevate your business and give your brand a dynamic edge when you expand your product range on Bartercard.  

Increased marketing budget

You might be the best business on the block, but without marketing no one will ever know about it!  Bartercard offers a full range of marketing support to give your brand all the exposure it needs. 
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