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What is Bartercard?

Bartercard is an exchange network for the modern business world.

A cashless alternative way of trading products and services.

A business tool that increases profits through new customers, new business networks and improved cash flow.

Trade anywhere anytime

How Bartercard works

Bartercard has created a secure and fully portable digital trading currency which enables business members all around the world to buy and sell from each other.

Membership grants businesses access to a captive audience of thousands of willing buyers and sellers

Benefits of Bartercard 

Members of Bartercard are from a diverse and growing range of businesses. Each member that becomes involved with Bartercard have done so to help grow their business and lifestyle  
The TOP 7 BENEFITS members enjoy being a part of Bartercard are:

1.  Attracts new customers
2.  Reduces cash expenses
3.  Creates strategic partnerships
4.  Our interest-free line of credit
5.  Improves your lifestyle
6.  Expands your product range
7.  Increased marketing budget


How to use Bartercard

For over 24 years Bartercard members have been coming up with ways to apply
the Bartercard system to solve blockages in their business and take
advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Here are 20 CREATIVE WAYS members
have used Bartercard