$300,000 in savings with a slice of lime

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$300,000 in savings with a slice of lime: Bartercard serves up value with Montezuma's

Mexican delicacies are confected from fresh and seasonal ingredients at Montezuma’s where food-loving locals indulge in the authentic fare dished out by Garry Webb and his team.  Serving a range of specialties from aperitivos and cactus salads to enchiladas and taquitos, with the optional side of tequila and lime, Montezuma’s has been adding flavour and spice to Wagga Wagga for almost 30 years.

Not to be confused with the Montezuma’s chain of restaurants, Garry’s independent Mexican establishment has been thriving on Bartercard since it first started, saving him approximately $330,000 in cash.  This has equated to pocketing around $2,000 in savings each month, creating extensive benefits to his cash flow and his lifestyle.  

Garry said he’s used Bartercard to purchase a number of items for Montezuma’s to offset his cash expenses.  This has including a new stove, deep fryer, two wood heaters and a brand new shop front which has given his restaurant the look and feel of an authentic Mexican eatery. “Basically we’re able to pay for items we wouldn’t normally be able to afford,” he said.

He’s also spent trade dollars on wine for his customers, printing, electrical works, cleaning products, blinds and lifestyle purchases such as accommodation on Bartercard saving 100 per cent of the cash cost each time. 
“From a marketing point of view we’ve used Bartercard to setup a new website to and we advertise in local publications using our trade dollars – this is a great way to build our business up and attract new customers.” 

He added that competition is one of the biggest challenges that he faces in his business, but being a member of Bartercard helps him to stand out from the rest by tapping into an exclusive market of customers looking to spend their trade dollars. 

“Bartercard also helps us maintain our pricing.  Other methods like shop-a-dockets provide a way to get people into the restaurant but most of these customers only spend a minimum amount and there’s no loyalty to bring them back.  With Bartercard the members keep coming back because they have the incentive to keep their cash each time they eat at Montezuma’s.”   

He added that one of the biggest benefits is the interest-free line of credit offered to every member.  “There’s nowhere in business you can get that – for me it’s absolutely huge,” he said.  “Bartercard gives us a lifestyle that we could never afford.  We love it and can’t get enough.”

Next time you are planning dinner out, drop into Montezumas at 85 Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga and enjoy their authentic Mexican cuisine.  They even have karaoke for customers wanting a little extra entertainment.

Must try: Burrito Tropicana - flour tortilla filled with chicken, cheese, pineapple, onion, garlic and cracked pepper. Topped with sweet salsa.

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