Sell excess stock

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Turn Wastage into Profit and Sell Your Excess Stock

Instead of giving up on unwanted products and writing them off as a loss, promote them to a new marketplace who might have use of them. If you’re unsure how that could be made to happen, ask yourself these questions. Do you have excess stock in Australia sitting in your business? Is your competition coming out with newer products while yours are collecting dust and losing value? Or do you want a higher turnover for your stock?

Rather than heavily discounting, running last minute deals or writing off surplus stock, you can keep its value by selling it through Bartercard’s network at the normal selling price! We provide you with the tools to sell excess stock and liquidate inventory, ensuring you maximise your returns and your productivity during slow periods and utilise spare capacity.  

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Liquidate excess inventory with greater flexibility than ever before

Bartercard gives members access to a unique market of buyers who are looking to spend their trade dollars. Stock is advertised to Bartercard’s network of business owners via multiple marketing channels including our brand new trading platform, MYBC. Members also have the benefit of a dedicated Account Manager who essentially acts as a broker to help sell your excess inventory, without the expensive fees.  


How to liquidate overstock inventory without devaluing your service

There are thousands of businesses in Australia and around the world that are using Bartercard to liquidate business inventory and keep its value. So forget about traditional methods of discounting, reducing and compromising the perceived value of your products or services – Bartercard offers a smarter solution for excess inventory liquidation. 

Our unique B2B marketplace of traders provides you with a new platform to generate leads with potential customers and network with brands to establish profitable partnerships. When you ordinarily conduct surplus stock liquidation, you are doing so at a heavily reduced price, simply removing the burden of the stock without making any real profit. We provide you a more feasible alternative for your excess stock liquidation which will improve your cash flow and ultimately reduce costs

Turn downtime into productivity

If you’re still wondering how to liquidate excess inventory, take a look at our Bartercard forum to see how we’ve helped expand and promote businesses from a diverse number of industries. When you become a member you automatically receive a free line of credit, ensuring you’re able to get up and running with the least difficulty, and allow you to start purchasing from other suppliers. Call us today on 1300 227 837 to find out more. 
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Half Day Tile Sale Turns Excess Stock into T$300,000

Read about how one Bartercard members turned their excess stock into $300,000.