Bartercard: A smart solution to supplement your business and reward your bank account

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Bartercard: A smart solution to supplement your business and reward your bank account

Each year Bartercard assists thousands of business owners in Australia to grow their customer base, keep more money in the bank and increase their profit margins by trading on barter. Suited for almost every type of industry with a wide selection of products and services available to choose from including restaurants and bars, advertising, media, graphic design, entertainment and accommodation at renowned locations, Bartercard has attracted attention for the extensive benefits it has to offer for those looking to conserve cash and diversify their sales channels. One of the ways it does this is by taking cash out of the equation for a variety of business purchases, thereby keeping a healthier cash flow.

To illustrate some of the benefits more clearly we spent time chatting to one of our Sydney-based business owners Tracy Cantle.  Tracy established the Crow Bar at Crows Nest seven months ago, though her time as a Bartercard member surpasses her current venture. 

Tracy you have been with Bartercard for 10 years now.  If you had to list the three main benefits you have found, what would they be?

“I get a ‘rent a crowd’ from Bartercard.  Members of Bartercard choose to come to my bar specifically as they’re able to spend their Bartercard dollars with us.  This helps to create a vibe and fill our venue.  We provide a memorable experience that these members then tell their friends and family about.  Through this word of mouth, we gain new cash customers.  The third benefit is the income we earn through Bartercard we’re able to spend on items that we would normally have to take cash out of our profit to pay for.  For example, we’ve purchased an awning, a fireplace and we are in the process of buying loyalty cards for our customers – all without using cash.”

There are many restaurants in the Bartercard system around Australia.  Some, like yours, have found the system more successful than others.  What do you think the difference is?

“I think the difference lies in understanding how and where to spend your Bartercard trade dollars and how to best use Bartercard for your personalised business needs.  The difference also lies in understanding the cost of your dollar.” 

What do you mean by the cost of your dollar? 

 “For every trade dollar you earn by providing your services to other Bartercard members you have a cash outlay to earn that dollar.  For example, our cash outlay is the direct product – food and beverage – as everything else is already in place to provide our service.  For us to earn $100 on trade we have a cash outlay of roughly $45.  So when I spend $100 on trade it’s really only costing me $45.  Even if something is on sale in the cash economy, it makes better sense to spend Bartercard dollars because it will always be more cost effective.”

If you had advice for business owners looking to join Bartercard, what would that be? 

Join! Bartercard improves cash flow and the productivity of your business.

In a Nutshell

To give you a snapshot, Bartercard’s members currently include:

500 advertising/media companies including radio and magazines
188 accountants
294 printers
1,570 restaurants and cafes
216 graphic designers       
And many more suppliers!

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner and not yet part of the world’s largest barter exchange then perhaps it’s time to consider joining. 

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