Gain more customers

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Attracting new customers is one of the main reasons why thousands of business owners are choosing to join Bartercard each year.  It opens up a whole new market of buyers who are looking to spend their trade dollars and offset their cash expenses. 


With Bartercard we guarantee extra sales through our network of 54,000 cardholders world-wide.   On average members can expect a 10% increase in customers with Bartercard, which can also lead to extra customers in the cash economy through word-of-mouth recommendations.  If service is great, people will tell their friends and family about it whether they are in Bartercard or not!

So rather than heavily discounting prices and running the risk of devaluing your product or service, join Bartercard to attract new customers through a unique market of buyers and sellers.

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Bartercard: A smart solution to supplement your business and reward your bank account

”I get a ‘rent a crowd’ from Bartercard which creates a vibe and fills our venue - members choose to come to my bar because they can spend their trade dollars.”