Packing more nutrition with Bartercard

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Packing More Nutrition with Bartercard

Gold Coast-founded company Morlife is the creator of high quality, delicious tasting super foods formulated from nutrient-rich ingredients.  Packing vitamins and antioxidants into each snack and supplement, and with continual research poured into its formulations, Morlife has built one of the most credible and trusted brands in the Australian health food market.

Conserving $250,000 on a $4 million warehouse

Founder and owner Warren Stewart, who has a PhD in physiological psychology from the University of Tasmania, is also a Bartercard member.  He initially joined to supplement and grow his company, and to later expand, conserving $250,000 on a $4 million warehouse and fit out which he bought through the trade exchange.

“We started Morlife on the Gold Coast 14 years ago to formulate simple food solutions with the full spread and density of nutrients,” said Warren.  “Too much of our food today is nutrient hollow and with so many mixed messages it can be confusing choosing quality foods – Morlife creates functional products that establish credibility through extensive research and a holistic approach to each formulation.”

Starting small scale Warren upgraded to a new $4 million premises four years ago including offices, a manufacturing and research facility and packing rooms to house his 65 staff and five full-time researchers as well as a state of the art showroom displaying the company’s award-winning products.    Warren said he used Bartercard to source concreting, shelves, desks, a security system, tiling and plants at his current warehouse which covered approximately 40% of the cash cost. 

He has traded more than $3.4 million since joining Bartercard and is already thinking about his next property with further expansion to the business taking place.

Reaching a new marketplace

“In addition to the cash savings, Bartercard reaches a new marketplace to attract extra customers both within the exchange and the cash economy to create brand recognition,” he said. 

“Each time we sell our products to a retailer on Bartercard or create a partnership with someone willing to recommend Morlife to their customers we receive exposure in the cash market; it’s a win win. 

“For example there is a Bartercard member in New Zealand who bought $3,000 worth of our chocolate-coated Blueberries which he is selling in his shop to cash paying customers.  We’ve also created partnerships with health practitioners who endorse our products resulting in more cash sales all around as our reputation grows. ”

Investment and cash saving solutions

On a personal side Warren is using Bartercard to build investment property which is saving him $80,000 in cash.   He has also leased his old warehouse out on Bartercard to receive a steady flow of income which he trades out where he chooses.
For smaller expenses he’s used Bartercard to pay for Christmas parties, entertainment, marquee hire and gifts with purchase including cosmetics, oil burners, natural soap and wine glasses. 

He added that the key to a successful business is having a point of difference and being able to sell it. 
“Bartercard assists with sales and puts more money back in your pocket to supplement your business while opening up more doors through new customers and networking.”


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