Collect outstanding debt

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Debt is a situation no one likes to find themselves in but one that most business owners face at one time or another.  As frustrating as it can be, Bartercard offers a useful solution to remedy debt when traditional payment methods fall short.    

When a Bartercard member is continuously having trouble collecting cash from one of their customers, they may offer to accept part of, or the entire amount of the debt in products or services to on-sell through the Bartercard network.  These products or services are placed at the hands of thousands of willing buyers to recoup the outstanding amount as quickly as possible.  

Bartercard’s dedicated trade co-ordinators can advise on what products and services can be easily on-sold through Bartercard and will work with each business to promote their products or services collected to the membership base of 20,000 businesses.

Let Bartercard help you get the monkey off your back and settle your debt quicker.