Building Success with Bartercard

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Building Success with Bartercard

When people hear about Bartercard they are often familiar with the name but unsure exactly how it works. Bartercard is renowned for assisting business startups around the country which has led to lasting local partnerships and some immensely successful culinary ventures - such as the steady cooked success of Fillaudeau’s.  This is how one member aligned himself with local businesses with the help of Bartercard to create some of the most sought-after French-style cuisine in Perth. 

The best Mediterranean is simple and flavoursome and Fillaudeau’s does it well.  French-born chef Manu Fillaudeau has grown a reputation on quality and taste, built on an authentic approach to food and a number of local partnerships. 

When he first established Fillaudeau’s he was looking for a way to minimise his cash costs and  overcome some of the challenges that go hand in hand with starting up a venture.  This is how his journey with Bartercard began.    

Bartercard’s interest-free line of credit helped him get his restaurant up and running when the opportunity arose to partner with a local winery at the Pinelli Estate near Perth. 

“We went wine tasting at the estate and coincidentally the family who owned it was looking for a tenant for their newly built restaurant,” he said.  “So I cooked for them and this is where it all started.

The partnership between restaurant and cellar door brings many benefits to the local appeal, with guests coming in to taste the wines before sitting down to enjoy a meal, or buying a wine tasting and lunch/dinner package where a carefully matched drop is served with each course.

“Fillaudeau’s has always been a dream which I was able to start with Bartercard; we used it to purchase everything from tables, chairs, curtains and furniture for the front of the restaurant to ovens, fridges, kitchen equipment, our point of sale, computers, printers and ink.” 

Apart from using Bartercard to fit everything out he also conserved cash each time he spent using trade dollars.  He later used Bartercard to attract new customers, building a reputation on referrals within the Bartercard marketplace and the cash economy, and winning five industry awards, including Restaurant and Catering’s 2013 Award for Excellence.

Owning a successful business now in its third year running, Manu said he finds it important to support local food suppliers through his restaurant which not only contributes to his reputation of the freshest ingredients but also allows him to be sustainable.  60 per cent of the ingredients he uses are sourced within 18 kilometres of the estate.

“Bartercard has opened the door to a number opportunities, both within the network and the cash market, which has allowed me to welcome more customers through my door,” he said.  “It’s a win-win. 

“I initially joined Bartercard to help start my business with the interest-free line of credit; attracting extra customers and building some of these long lasting partnerships has been the icing on the cake. Bartercard has allowed me to grow my restaurant and continue sharing my culinary approach of simple and flavoursome cuisine.”


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