Build Business Networks

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Every entrepreneur knows that having a strong network is essential for a successful business; it creates invaluable connections, partnerships and attracts new clients and referrals.        
That’s why Bartercard works for so many business owners. 



We are Australia’s largest business network with 55,000 cardholders.  Joining Bartercard not only gives you access to a unique market of buyers and sellers, but regular networking events provide a forum where you can build invaluable relationships across nearly every type of industry.  Mixing with industry leaders can give you some great ideas for your business with the right connections.
Bartercard is a highly effective platform to create brand awareness, extra revenue with access to a new market of customers, and create lasting business partnerships.  Attracting extra sales through Bartercard also leads to referrals in the cash economy -  it’s all part and parcel of a membership with Bartercard. 

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Building Success with Bartercard

When people hear about Bartercard they are often familiar with the name but unsure exactly how it works. Bartercard is renowned for assisting business startups around the country which has led to lasting local partnerships and some immensely successful culinary ventures - such as the steady cooked success of Fillaudeau’s. This is how one member aligned himself with local businesses with the help of Bartercard to create some of the most sought-after French-style cuisine in Perth.